Biologique Recherche Serum Le Grand - BareSkin Elements
Biologique Recherche Serum Le Grand - BareSkin Elements
For Dry, Lack of Tone, Mature Skin

Biologique Recherche Serum Le Grand

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Biologique Recherche Finishing serums are the most complex and concentrated of BR formulas. They are intended to be used during the last stage. They should applied after creams to stabilize the products used during treatments. They also make an excellent base for make-up. Glamorous and sophisticated, these precious extracts promote radiance and give the skin a natural radiance.

Biologique Recherche (BR) Serum Le Grand is the ultimate Finishing Serum; this sublimating elixir was made specifically for Madame Allouche. Thanks to a formula boasting the highest concentrations of active ingredients among all Biologique Recherche serums, Le Grand Serum is a real ubiquitous serum with anti-ageing, protection and hydration properties. Thanks to its 5 formulation stems, it provides a global and total action, and is a concentrate of softness and long lasting brightening effects. This unique product is a combination of pleasure and high performance. Le Grand Serum is presented in a golden glass bottle with 30 ml capacity, which comes in a prestige box in white lacquered wood.

It is recommended for dry, lack of tone and mature skin. 

Note: It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use. Not recommended for Vegan customers.

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  • The Biologique Recherche products with the richest content in active ingredients (27), a real ubiquitous serum
  • Exceptional results that leave the skin plumped up, toned up and luminous
  • Helps prevent epidermal premature aging
  • Tones, revitalizes and calms the epidermis
  • Helps to strengthen the natural system of skin defense
  • Brightens the complexion and moisturizes the superior layers of the epidermis

      Avoid contact with eyes. Apply a few drops of Le Grand Serum to clean skin all over the face, neck and decollete with light upward strokes. Use mornings and/or evenings. This product is intended as a final touch of your Biologique Recherche skin care program.

      Please note that due to its rich composition featuring a high concentration of active ingredients, Le Grand Serum may be used alone. However, in case of mature skin, it can be applied after the recommended cream.

      Notes :

      • Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after application of the product
      • Not suitable for children.
      • Actives ingredients against the signs of epidermal premature aging: Amino Acids, Extracts of Elder, of Chestnut, of Tropical Almond and of Watercress, Extract of Myrrh, Myrtle and Onion, Hexapeptides.
      • Anti-free radicals actives ingredients: Mimosa, Cranberry and Wasabi Extracts.
      • Soothing actives ingredients: Kudzu Extract and Polysaccharides.
      • Moisturizing actives ingredients: NMF, Hyaluronic Acid and Silk Extract.
      • Toning actives ingredients: Extracts of Witch Hazel and St. John's Wort, Black Crowberry Juice.

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