Hair Conditioner, Recommended for dry and damaged Hair Instants

Biologique Recherche Baume Capillaire

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Rich in Silk, Jicama and Lemon Extracts, Biologique Recherche (BR) Baume Capillaire is a detangling treatment that repairs, protects and leaves hair shiny-looking. Recommended for dry and damaged Hair Instants. This product does not contain silicone.

Note: It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use.

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Useful article for your reading:

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Biologique Recherche Baume Capillaire is a triple-benefit hair conditioning treatment. An intense re-conditioning hair balm for dry and damaged hair, this hair repair conditioner repairs, protects, and smooths the hair cuticle for an intense shine and radiance. It is a silicone-free conditioner that nourishes the cuticle to strengthen and protect hair's sensitivity to external aggressions, while it improves hair's softness, shine, and suppleness. This hair repair conditioner is recommended for all hair types and facilitates detangling and easy comb-through after shampooing.

          After using the recommended shampoo, apply a dab of Baume Capillaire all over hair lengths. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes for an optimal penetration of active ingredients. Proceed with disentangling and then rinse well.

              Baume Capillaire is formulated with a high concentration of 19% active ingredients.

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