Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP O2 - BareSkin Elements
Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP O2 - BareSkin Elements
For Asphyxiated, dull skin type

Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP O2

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Biologique Recherche Finishing serums are the most complex and concentrated of BR formulas. They are intended to be used during the last stage. They should applied after creams to stabilize the products used during treatments. They also make an excellent base for make-up. Glamorous and sophisticated, these precious extracts promote radiance and give the skin a natural radiance.

An unique formula of silk extracts & Specific BR oxygenating complex traps oxygen at the surface of the skin, creating an environment that stimulates the epidermis natural functions. This 'anti-pollution' oxygenating and moisturising Biologique Recherche (BR) Fluid VIP O2 protects the skin throughout the day from external aggressions.

Fluid VIP O2 is an anti pollution fluid. It provides antioxidant, oxygenerating and protective action. 

Note: It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use. Not recommended for vegan customers

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A veritable anti-pollution shield, Fluide VIP O2 should be applied at the end of a treatment to protect the skin from everyday particulate pollutants. This instant booster reduces the signs of fatigue, clarifies the complexion and makes the skin more luminous.
  • Forms an anti-pollution shield on the surface of the skin
  • Protects the skin against intracellular oxidative stress
  • Reduces the signs of fatigue
  • Clarifies and brightens the complexion

      Apply a few drops of the finishing serum over the entire face, neck and decollete in the morning and/or evening. This product is the finishing touch of the Biologique Recherche skin care program.

      • Anti-oxidant agents: White Tea Leaf Extract, Walnut Extract
      • Oxygenating agents: BR Proprietary Oxygenating Complex, Yeast Extract
      • Anti-pollution agents: Anti-pollution screen, Anti-pollution polysaccharide

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