For all skin type

AlphaScience Regen Hx

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Post procedure perfecting soothing treatment

  • Regenerate the skin

  • Soothes immediately

  • Improves skin quality

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Type

Improve skin quality and perfect the results of aesthetic procedures:

  1. POWERFUL REGENERATIVE ACTION: 5% HELICINE COMPLEX is a comprehensive complex from natural origin to quickly regenerate the skin.

Regen Hx Post cryotherapy


 Regen Hx Motorcycle accident Scar post trauma

Apply morning and evening to the affected area using a gentle massage. Apply just after the procedure with smooth massage.

Do not apply directly on injured skin. Avoid contact with eyes

      Regenerative soothing intensive treatment. Soothes immediately and intensely stimulates cellular regeneration. The result of aesthetic procedures is optimized.

      • 5% Helicine complex: increase epithelization process with its action on cells membrane and collagen. Boosts epidermis turnover to promote healthy tissue formation.
      • 3% Natural Defense System (black currant seed oil + Cardiospermum halicacabum): soothing, anti-inflammatory, It protects and replenishes the damaged skin barrier, reduces allergic reactions and tissue damages
      • 3% Hyaluronic acids: stimulate skin cells productions, improve skin resistance, hydrate and smooth the skin.

      Perfume free, paraben free, alcohol free.

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