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For All Skin Type

AlphaScience Surface CR

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Ultra smoothing wrinkle corrector

  • Wrinkles

  • Photoaging

  • Loss of firmness

  • Dehydration

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

  • 25-30 years, first wrinkles and skin sagging
  • Photo aging
  • In combination with aesthetic procedures (botox, fillers, laser)

Surface CR Cream Treatment

          Creamy emulsion, to be applied morning and evening to face and neck after your serum.

              Combines the most powerful natural ingredients in an optimal high performance formula for:

              1. LONG TERM LIFT EFFECT: on wrinkles and firmness thanks to the combination of pure genistein and L-glutamine, an ALPHASCIENCE exclusivity.
              2. IMMEDIATE EFFECT: smooths expression lines 2 hours after treatement with the BOTOX-like patended tripeptide
              • 2% L-Glutamine : ALPHASCIENCE EXCLUSIVITY. We vectorized this amino-acid which is a powerful collagen booster and anti-glycation protector for a long-lasting effect on wrinkles and skin density.
              • 1% Genistein: increases collagen synthesis and reduces its degradation, by an inhibiting action on metalloproteases (MP1, MP3) to reduce skin sagging.
              • 2% The patented tripeptide smoothes the skin by relaxing the muscles that mark the expression lines for a BOTOX-like effect.
              • Hyaluronic Acid: fills the wrinkles and optimizes the natural moisture of the skin.

                L-GLUTAMINE «Internalfountain of youth»

                • Key proteine for collagene synthesis
                • Direct stimulation and precursor proline et hydroxyproline
                • Excellent availability
                • Used in medicine to repair skin damaged tissues.


                Properties Stabilized at 2% by ALPHASCIENCE

                • Increases nucleotide synthesis
                • Increases protein turn over in muscles by stimulation of proteasomes
                • Anti glycation effect by stimulation of glycogenesis
                • Direct effect on healing and inflammation