For Pigmented, Wrinkled Skin

AlphaScience Alpha Bright Serum and Surface CR

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AlphaScience Alpha Bright Serum combines vitamin C stabilized in high concentration with powerful anti-oxidants and anti-spots to reduce the intensity of the spots and regain a smooth, radiant and firm skin.

AlphaScience Surface CR reinforces the effect by a targeted double action on wrinkles.

1 IMMEDIATE "AGE KILLING" EFFECT: smooths wrinkles in 2 hours with the patented tripeptide "botox" effect.

2 LONG-TERM LIFTING EFFECT on wrinkles and firmness with the combination of pure genistein, hyaluronic acid and L-glutamine, an exclusive ingredient in Alphascience.

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  • Make a purchase - 1 point per $1 spent. The points do not expire and will accumulate each time you make an order.

For example:

  • Order #1: If your order is $155, you will have 155 earned loyalty points after we fulfil your order. 
  • Order #2: If your order is $800, you will have 800 earned loyalty points after we fulfil your order.

You will have a total of 155 + 800 = 955 earned loyalty points from above Order #1 and Order #2.

Number of points required for redemption:

BR Product Price No of points to redeem
If a BR product costs:
$ 85
If a BR product costs:
$ 125
If a BR product costs:
$ 160 1600
If a BR product costs:
$ 175 1750
If a BR product costs:
$ 295 2950
If a BR product costs:
$ 335 3350

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Note: All redemption products are to be delivered together with actual purchase order only. We do not deliver redemption product alone. Redemption only applies to Biologique Recherche Products.

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