Recommended for all Skin Instants with confined areas of accumulated fat

Biologique Recherche Creme Anti-C

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Biologique Recherche Crème Anti-C is a complete skin care intended for the treatment of spot accumulations of fat tissue. Rich in exfoliating, lipolytic and firming active ingredients, the formula delivers synergistic action with intense skin-firming results and a slimming effect on the figure. Recommended for all Skin Instants with confined areas of accumulated fat.

The figure looks better toned and the skin is invigorated

Note: It is NOT recommended for pregnant women and children.

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  • Crème Anti-C contains 11 highly concentrated active ingredients.
  • Crème Anti-C has multiple benefits targeting the causes and consequences of cellulite.
  • Its smooth, rich texture is perfectly suited to the "palpate and roll" massaging technique.
  • In the summer, its non oily formulation enables application throughout the day.
  • Thigh circumference reduced by up to 2.5 cm in 8 weeks.
  • The figure looks better toned, skin is invigorated and softer to the touch. The appearance of orange-peel skin is reduced.
  • Slight exfoliation optimizing the diffusion of active ingredients and improving the quality of the stratum corneum
  • Reduction in the cutaneous signs of cellulite and in the appearance of orange peel skin
  • Lipolytic action with a slimming effect
  • Activation of microcirculation
  • Improved firmness
  • Reduced sensation of pain at pinching
      Apply to the areas requiring treatment (waist, hips, thighs and buttocks). Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes (in case of contact, rinse off abundantly with water).
      At-home treatment: Apply in the morning and evening to the areas requiring treatment using upward strokes. Then work with the Massaging Glove (thick spikes to facilitate penetration of active ingredients and slender spikes to work on fat deposits and cellulite) to boost the diffusion of active ingredients and tame resistant cellulite.
      • Lipolytic active ingredients: Caffeine, Carnitine, TEAHydroiodide, Jujube and Anise Extracts, Everlasting, Cedar and Mint Essential Oils.
      • Repairing and firming active ingredients: Black Crowberry Juice.
      • Circulatory active ingredients: Ivy, Horsetail, Nettle and Birch Bark Extracts. Exfoliating active ingredients: Salicylic acid.