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Biologique Recherche facial creams
Biologique Recherche (BR) Creams complement the actions of quintessential serums by providing comfort and protection against external attacks. They are easy to apply and contain a high concentration of active ingredients. Their unique emulsions do not leave an occlusive film. They are all mattifying creams. They are to apply on the face, neck, decollete and supply balanced, biological and marine elements to the skin.
There are 3 categories of BR creams and they come in white and brown cream, i.e.:
    • Essential Creams are formulated for healthy skin and designed to preserve essential hydration levels. Result: a stronger, toned epidermis. They are brown cream which is enzymatic and fermented therefore more stimulating but lesser ingredients. Will feel reactive if you have unbalanced or thin skin.
    • Intensive Creams are the most complex and sophisticated products. They are formulated for skin requiring special attention. Result: intensive treatment. They are white cream which is more concentrated in active ingredients and less stimulating. They are more soothing and perfect for all skin including sensitive skin.
    • Specific Cream are used for the targeted treatment of specific parts of the face and imbalanced skin. This range has a combination of white and brown cream.

Below diagram shows as a summary of the range of BR creams which may of helpful to you to make quick decision of which cream to target your skin concern. 

 Biologique Recherche Face Cream | BareSkin Elements
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