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I started BareSkin Elements with a belief that great skin is a key element of overall beauty and mental health. Having great skin can boost our confidence, allowing us to be more socialable and make us feel beautiful. Many of us rely on cosmetics to cover our skin issues, but we know that below the pseudo-perfection, our skin is not in its best. Rather than being masked by makeup, our bare skin should glow naturally.

Together with BareSkin Elements Co-Founder, we embarked our journey to look for skincare that could help us achieve airbrushed bare skin. After a long search, we finally found Biologique Recherche (BR), the epitome of French skincare providing biologically active and concentrated formulas, aligned with our philosophy of enhancing our bare skin with products that do not contain fragrance nor preservatives and can produce the most visible result in the shortest time.

Rupert Schmid, Co-Chairman of Biologique Recherche, Dr Allouche, head of Biologique Recherche with BareSkin Elements

Photo: Rupert Schmid, Co-Chairman of Biologique Recherche and Dr Philippe Allouche, Co-Founder of Biologique Recherche with Serene, Co-Founder of BareSkin Elements

We are excited to share with you our discovery of excellent Biologique Recherche skincare products, customer service and intuitive navigation on our Singapore online platform. We have a team of in-house skincare experts available for personalized virtual consultations, from recommending suitable products to developing a proper skincare regimen via email and phone. Even if you are shopping online, the experience will be exactly like in the brick and mortar shops.

All in all, BareSkin Elements strives to help our customers achieve life-changing results. Airbrushed bare skin will soon be a reality. Do reach us if you require our expertise.

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Happy shopping with us.

The BareSkin Elements Team

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