Biologique Recherche Body Care

The preparation stage is a crucial part of the body care program and maximizes the results of specific treatments. By working on protecting and rebuilding the epidermis, the overall quality and functions of the skin is improved.

The epidermis is a dynamic structure that plays a major role in the body's defense system. For natural and physiological reasons, the body's epidermis is actually more sensitive to dehydration than the face, except for the decollete and the back, and contains a lower density of sebaceous glands than found on the face. As we age, the cells become less cohesive and the natural exfoliation process and cellular regeneration slows down. The epidermal cells lose their initial quality and the barrier effect gradually depletes.

Biologique Recherche's body care treatments combine products and procedures that are developed with the same expertise and focus on personalization as the face care treatment.

The Biologique Recherche body care treatments detoxify, re-shape and tone the body to help restore a more balanced silhouette, smooth skin, light legs and toned buttocks.