Alphascience HA booster has also more advantage than some of the market popular products in several way, such as 

  • Using pure hyaluronic acid while some other brands only contain a certain percentage of HA 
  • Does not contain any alcohol which will give irritation risks 
  • Using organic silicium to fill in and restructure the skin with HA. Improves penetration activities of HA. 
  • Does not contain Phenoxyethanol which may cause allergic reactions 
  • Adaptive moisturization with biomimetic moisturizing polymer 
  • Vegetal Taurine Boosts cellular energy, provides antioxidant and anti pollution protection 
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Some of us do love to get facial at least once a month. It is the time where we get to enjoy the cleanse, masque and massage. If you are committed to healthy and glowing skin, you can always recreate the same experience at home.

Here’s how some quick and effective spa like facial at home using Biologique Recherche skincare products.

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The Sérums de teint are unifying skin care products that provide natural coverage while letting the skin breathe. Their photo-protecting and anti-pollution active ingredients will help create a “shield” at the skin’s surface against urban particulate pollutants and free radicals induced by solar radiation. The skin is durably moisturized and protected against harsh external factors. The complexion is more even, brighter and full of radiance for a guaranteed “healthy glow” effect. Long-lasting moisturizing formula, non-greasy and non-comedogenic.
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Biologique recherche mc110 n1Lotion MC110 N°1 is plumping and renovating booster for the face. Adjusted according to the type of skin, it helps exfoliate and purify the epidermis, in perfect harmony with the Skin Instant. Exfoliation helps boost the radiance and luminosity of the complexion, while their anti-aging action combats the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine lines, thereby erasing the signs of aging.
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We have a few requests from muslim customer asking us on a list of Biologique Recherche Products which they can use. We know finding skincare suitable for Muslim can be a struggle. 
Thus, we have listed down a list of products that our Muslim customers should avoid. The rest which is not in the below list is Muslim friendly products. 
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