Loyalty Program FAQ

Loyalty Program

1. How do I earn points?

Customers with store accounts will automatically earn points for purchases. If you don't have one yet, create a store account now!

Here are all the ways you can earn points. You may login into your account to check your balance or redeem rewards at any time.

  • Make a purchase - 1 point per $1 spent

Note: Bareskin Elements have the rights to revise our loyalty point system from time to time (including the required points to redeem for each product). Please refer to the loyalty program on our main website for updated required points.

    2. How do I redeem the products? 

    Note: All redemption products are to be delivered together with actual order. We do not deliver redemption product alone. In addition, the points to deduct must be available at point in time and also not inclusive of purchase which we have not fulfilled. 

    If your earned points are sufficient to redeem the product, the "Get Code" button will be able to click for redemption. Once you have clicked, a discount code will be generated. After which, click on the product e.g. "Free Rewards - Lait U (250ml), follow the same online transaction procedure, fill in the discount code and complete the order transaction. The order will be processed with zero value for the redeemed product.

    Biologique Recherche Singapore BareSkin Elements Loyalty Page

    3. Can I use my loyalty points to redeem for other products not in the program list?

    Yes, you can! If the Biologique Recherche (BR) product you wish to redeem not in the list, please kindly contact us at support@bareskinelements.com.sg or whatsapp us at +65 8660 8352 and we will assist accordingly (advise on stock availability and loyalty points required).

    Redemption only applies to Biologique Recherche Products.