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BareSkin Elements is an official authorised retailer for Singapore. All Biologique Recherche are directly from main distributor in Singapore. Each Biologique Recherche product has a Prooftag© sticker. It composes of a QR code which proves product authenticity.

BareSkin Elements strives to offer our customers excellent skincare products, customer service and intuitive navigation on our web platform, simply the best in all aspects. Our skincare experts are fully at your disposal for personalized virtual consultations, from recommending suitable products to developing a proper skincare regimen via email and phone. Even if you are shopping online, the experience will be exactly like in the brick and mortar shops.

In addition, BareSkin Elements offers attractive loyalty program designed to make your experience as delightful as feasible with a good range of perks

The original formulas in P50 1970 Lotion contains phenol, which is an ingredient that has been banned in Singapore (Prohibited product). Phenol was responsible for a tingling, burning sensation on the skin and may cause skin irritation. P50 1970 Lotion is also not recommended for pregnant women. Biologique Recherche took the opportunity to reformulate phenol-free Lotions P50 to improve the formulas with new and results-driven ingredients. The new formulations of Lotions P50 are available in our online store here.

All Biologique Recherche products are made in their own factory in Suresnes, France. All stocks are directly imported from France.

Yes, of course. However, we advise that you consult us before using any other skin care product especially harsh product such as retinol, alongside your Biologique Recherche care as it may counteract the effects of our products or sensitise your skin.

Each Biologique Recherche product has a Prooftag© sticker. It composes of a QR code which proves product authenticity. 

Animal and vegetal active ingredients in Biologique Recherche products are by-products and all respectful of C.I.T.E.S. guidelines. As a result, we commit to not use raw materials derived from protected or endangered species.

If you are a vegan, you may contact us directly to enquire about certain products. Briefly, you may use Lotions P50 and some quintessential serums which our ingredients tab header do mention whether they are marine, plants or bio.

Yes, you can definitely. Please consult us if you would like to try other BR products and we can advise you accordingly. 

Loyalty Program

Customers with store accounts will automatically earn points for purchases. If you don't have one yet, create a store account now!

Here are all the ways you can earn points. You may login into your account to check your balance or redeem rewards at any time.

  1. Make a purchase - 1 point per $1 spent

    Note: Bareskin Elements have the rights to revise our loyalty point system from time to time (including the required points to redeem for each product). Please refer to the loyalty program on our main website for updated required points. 

    Note: All redemption products are to be delivered together with actual purchase order only. We do not deliver redemption product alone.

    If your earned points are sufficient to redeem the product, the "Get Code" button will be able to click for redemption. Once you have clicked, a discount code will be generated. After which, click on the product e.g. "Free Rewards - Lait U (250ml), follow the same online transaction procedure, fill in the discount code and complete the order transaction. The order will be processed with zero value for the redeemed product.

    Biologique Recherche Singapore Loyalty Program Details FAQ

    Note: Bareskin Elements have the rights to revise our loyalty point system from time to time (including the required points to redeem for each product). The instruction screenshot provided in FAQ is intended to guide customers on how to claim the product, it may not be the actual representation of the required points to redeem the product. Please refer to your loyalty program on our main website for updated required points. 

    Yes, you can! If the Biologique Recherche (BR) product you wish to redeem not in the list, please kindly contact us at support@bareskinelements.com.sg or whatsapp us at +65 8660 8352 and we will assist accordingly (advise on stock availability and loyalty points required).
    Redemption only applies to Bioloqigue Recherche products only.


    Unfortunately you can't. Customer can only enjoy one promotion / campaign at a time. It is not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion at the same time.


    In stock items are shipped within 1-2 business days upon receipt of your order. You will receive the next day once we have shipped. Do note that weekends (Sat and Sun) and public holidays will be excluded.

    We will contact you if items are out of stock. In order to maintain the freshness of the products, we do not keep huge quantities of items. However, we do have frequent shipment from Biologique Recherche France HQ every 3-4 weeks. For items which are out of stocks, under normal circumstances, you will receive within 2 - 4 weeks. Please note there will be instances where France HQ has no stock, thus shipment will be delayed. This is a worldwide situation which not only Singapore is facing.

    We hope our customer might note that BareSkin Elements does not represent courier companies, and as much as we hope for parcels to arrive on time, parcels can suffer delays beyond our control. However, please rest assured we are on your side and will help in any way we can.

    We deliver your parcel using Private courier door delivery. Upon receiving your order, we will contact you to ask for a preferred date and time to receive the parcel from us. Do note that weekends (Sat and Sun) and public holidays will be excluded.

    We will ask you for a preferred timing of delivery and you can arrange someone to receive your order on your behalf. A message will be sent to you prior the delivery.

    Yes, we can. However, we will not be liable for lost or stolen orders. 

    We provide free shipping in Singapore. There is absolutely no additional shipping fee incurred.

    Unfortunately No, we only ship within Singapore. 

    Biologique Recherche has various distribution partners around the world and each distributor is only allowed to sell within its country. This explains why we are only able to sell and ship the brand in the Singapore.

    When there is an update to your order (e.g. shipment), you will receive an email from BareSkin Elements with tracking information on your order.  You may check the parcel status using the tracking url and number.

    All delivery comes with tracking information.


    We normally do not accept cancellations, but please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order or part of your order. Depending on the items/orders/your purchase status we might be able to assist. However, please note in some situations, once we have processed your order, we are unable to refund or change your order.

    Return purchase is only applicable to item damaged during our shipment or we have sent wrong item. Kindly email your inquiry to support@bareskinelements.com.sg with the subject “Return Item” or contact us on +65 8660 8352. We will assist you as soon as possible.  Please allow 2 working days for your inquiry to be processed. 

    To make the process run smoother and faster, do send your inquiry with picture(s) of your item(s) & its condition and your order details for record purpose.

    Note: All our orders are securely wrapped and placed in our paperbag. There is no return of item if you have dropped or spill the item, damage the cap of the item or if the authenticity seal is not intact. If product is opened / deemed not suitable for skin (example: skin allergy, skin sensitivity, etc) we would like to seek your understanding that we do not offer refund/exchange as well.

    In addition, we do not guarantee the condition of the product(s) if it is to send overseas by customers as it is handled by third party. In this situation, we would like to seek your understanding that we do not offer refund/exchange.

    You can use a piler to open up the seal if you accidentally broke it. There is no refund as it does not affect the quality of the serum at all. We provide a dropper top for each quintessential serum which you can attach once the seal is opened.

    Please allow up to 3 working days from the date we receive your return package or from the date we cancelled your order.

    Refund will based on customer actual paid via same payment mode - Final payment to refund. The same credited Loyalty points will also be deducted once refund is fulfilled. The refund will appear in your bank statement 2-3 days depending on your bank policy.

    Note: BareSkin Elements does not bear any third party surcharges such as currency conversion fee, admin fee, etc. This is applicable to Paypal, Credit Card and Bank. Refund is solely based on the customer actual paid 


    We accept payment by cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well as via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    When placing an online order with your debit/credit card, your details will be entered into a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured web page. Your details will then be SSL-encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider’s network, where your details and transaction will be authorized and approved. Your credit card details will never be stored on our servers. All shopify and paypal payment (which handle credit card payments) are PCI compliance internationally.

    Contact Us

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