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Biologique Recherche (BR) Singapore

If you’re someone who’s fighting with the effects of aging or facial skin which just won’t behave according to what you want, then Biologique Recherche (BR) may just be the answer you’re looking for.

Three incredible scientists have come together, combined their knowledge into one highly disciplined trade and produced an amazing concoction called Biologique Recherche.

Fourty years ago when the BR company was founded, it’s primary role was to research and develop formulas for working professionals unhappy with existing anti-aging skincare products.

One of the most important effects of this phenomenal skin care concoction is that it helps you get instant and immediate effect when you apply it to your facial care regimen.

Biologique Recherche History

Biologique recherche has been created in fact, for this express purpose. To produce not just an immediate but a lasting effect on your skin.

Your skin needs to “breathe” in part to process dead cells which produces clogs your pores and dramatically slows down the circulation of oxygen under your dermal layers.

There is a treatment option when it comes to Biologique Recherche which helps you to purify and redefine your facial contours whilst firming up and accentuating the “oval-ness” of your face. This effect can be seen in a facial treatment with BR products called “Le Lift”.

What you get is an almost instantaneous effect of lifting and tightening.

The core reason why our BR treatment process works, and works so well is because of our 3 fundamental stages which ensures a thoroughly incredible result.

Why Does The Biologique Recherche (BR) Process Work So Well?

First in line is the Assessment stage in which the skin is assessed as to which product would be most appropriate for a tailored product regime.

After that, is the initialisation stage which involves thorough cleansing, exfoliation and the balancing of the skin BEFORE getting the skin introduced to the fantastic formulas that are highly concentrated in natural botanics.

Finally, the actual treatment occurs in what is known as the treatment stage. This is where high concentrations of marine, botanical and biological extracts step up and take it’s role in producing immediate and long-lasting effects for your skin.

This methodical, and results driven and formulaic approach to skin care ensures that you receive the optimal benefits of our 99.99% active ingredients products which balance and perfectly augment your beautiful complexion.

Today, the BR Method has built a strong, rock-solid reputation of producing astounding results based off of our highly clinical approach to beauty and skincare.

It should be this way as our founder was himself a clinical doctor Philippe Allouche, whose work on facial care has now directly impact millions of women in Europe and Asia.

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