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AlphaScience has developed powerful antioxidant serums to control the effects of oxidative stress induced by procedures (erythema, pigmentary rebound) and restructure the skin.

AlphaScience products can be used in daily treatment or in addition to medical aesthetic procedures (peeling, laser, HA filler, meso, microneedling) to improve and maintain their results.


Alfred MARCHAL, PhD in organic chemistry, is an internationally recognized antioxidants and aesthetic medicine expert with many University affiliations. He is board member of several pharmaceutical companies and frequent speaker at aesthetic congresses such as IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco, FACE Cannes. He has developed worldwide best sellers in the antioxidant and specialized vitamin fields such as the FLAVO-C and AURIDERM brands.

Dr Marchal has been granted 6 patents

  • 2000: Stabilization of pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) using scientifically selected antioxidants
  • 2003: Specific topical delivery system for vitamin K to treat bruises and erythema
  • 2005: Discovery of vitamin K1 oxide as a safer form of vitamin-K for topical use in aesthetics
  • 2006: Synthesis and stabilization of sulforaphane
  • 2011:Innovative composition of hyaluronic acid for skin aging and dermatological applications
  • 2013: Integration and stabilization of L-ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) in hyaluronic acid fillers


AlphaScience Press Release - Oct 2019 Country And Town Magazine