Sensitive or reactive skin is generally similar to other skin types in terms of structure and appearance, but reacts quickly to stress such as weather, pollution, makeup, etc.) and is prone to redness. Every skin type can be affected by this hyperactivity, which is particularly difficult to treat as it is linked to multiple factors.
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Not sure which alphascience serum to use? Let us look closely at some of the key benefits of adding this product to your skin care routine. If you use a face serum that is well suited to the type of issue you want to address to your skin, a serum can have numerous benefits. Thus,, it is important to recognize the different type of serums and their ingredients.
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Alphascience HA booster has also more advantage than some of the market popular products in several way, such as 

  • Using pure hyaluronic acid while some other brands only contain a certain percentage of HA 
  • Does not contain any alcohol which will give irritation risks 
  • Using organic silicium to fill in and restructure the skin with HA. Improves penetration activities of HA. 
  • Does not contain Phenoxyethanol which may cause allergic reactions 
  • Adaptive moisturization with biomimetic moisturizing polymer 
  • Vegetal Taurine Boosts cellular energy, provides antioxidant and anti pollution protection 
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Some of us do love to get facial at least once a month. It is the time where we get to enjoy the cleanse, masque and massage. If you are committed to healthy and glowing skin, you can always recreate the same experience at home.

Here’s how some quick and effective spa like facial at home using Biologique Recherche skincare products.

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