Soothing Elegance: Biologique Recherche's Lait Dermo-S - A makeup remover for Delicate Skin

Throughout the course of the day, the skin accrues a multitude of impurities, including dust, pollution particles, dead cells, and remnants of sun protection products. These aggressive agents collectively form an uncomfortable layer on the skin, impeding its optimal respiratory function. The accumulation of pollutants and particles on the skin's surface compromises its inherent barrier, rendering it more susceptible to external aggressions. Consequently, the skin experiences reduced water retention, heightened sensitivity, oxidative stress, and an increased production of free radicals. When the quantity of free radicals surpasses the threshold regulated by the epidermis, they pose a threat, causing damage to the skin cells and leading to oxidative stress—a primary contributor to premature skin aging.

In the maintenance of skin health and resilience, diligent facial cleansing stands as an indispensable practice. This entails the thorough removal of makeup, impurities, sebum, and exfoliated cells from the skin's surface while ensuring the preservation of the essential hydrolipidic film. Gentle facial cleansing is imperative to uphold the delicate balance of the skin's physiological state.

Sensitive skin

Individuals with sensitive skin exhibit a lower tolerance threshold, where symptoms are often more palpable than visibly apparent. This heightened sensitivity gives rise to subjective experiences, with individuals frequently reporting unpleasant sensations such as tingling, itching, and even a sensation of burning. The manifestations of sensitive skin can be diverse and are influenced by various triggers, adding complexity to its management. Factors contributing to sensitivity include the menstrual cycle, fluctuations in weather conditions, heightened stress levels, exposure to air conditioning, application of certain skincare products, use of cleaning agents, and even the type of clothing worn.

Understanding the intricacies of sensitive skin is crucial in appreciating the significance of employing a high-quality cleanser in one's skincare routine. Sensitive skin demands meticulous care to alleviate discomfort and prevent exacerbation of symptoms. A well-formulated cleanser designed for sensitive skin can play a pivotal role in maintaining skin health. Such cleansers are formulated with gentle, soothing ingredients that effectively cleanse the skin without causing irritation or compromising its delicate balance.

Choosing the right cleanser for sensitive skin involves considering its hypoallergenic nature, free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and potential allergens. The cleansing process should be nurturing, removing impurities and environmental contaminants while safeguarding the skin's natural barrier. By using a suitable cleanser, individuals with sensitive skin can foster a skincare routine that promotes comfort, reduces adverse reactions, and contributes to overall skin well-being.

Biologique Recherche skincare approach

The initiation phase within the Biologique Recherche skincare approach places paramount importance on skin cleansing. This foundational step is integral to the methodology of Biologique Recherche, recognizing the skin's exposure to a myriad of impurities throughout the day, including makeup, pollution, sweat, and sebum. A meticulous cleansing process becomes imperative to facilitate cellular renewal and regeneration, creating an optimal canvas for subsequent treatments.

In alignment with the commitment to excellence, Biologique Recherche exclusively focuses on the development of cleansing milk formulations. The choice of a cleansing milk base underscores our dedication to ensuring optimal tolerance during the cleansing ritual, avoiding the undesirable effects of skin dryness or irritation. Infused with lipids, these formulations serve as a protective shield for the hydrolipidic film, guarding against external aggressions. This, in turn, upholds the cutaneous water balance and safeguards the vital epidermal barrier function.

A distinguishing feature lies in the natural affinity of the lipids within the cleansing milk with the skin. This inherent compatibility facilitates the dissolution of sebum residues, impurities, and makeup, resulting in a gentle yet thorough skin cleansing experience. Each cleansing milk is meticulously crafted with a unique galenic formula and a selection of distinctive ingredients tailored to address specific Skin Instants©, embodying the precision and effectiveness synonymous with the Biologique Recherche approach to skincare.

Biologique Recherche Solution

Soothing Elegance: Biologique Recherche's Lait Dermo-S - A Gentle Cleanser for Delicate Skin

The Biologique Recherche makeup remover, Lait Dermo-S, boasts a high-tolerance formula meticulously crafted to delicately eliminate makeup and impurities while safeguarding the essential functions of even the most delicate epidermises. Infused with active care ingredients, this cleanser strategically targets the three biological components contributing to skin sensitivity, effectively mitigating the skin's reactivity to external stressors.

Acting on the first component, Lait Dermo-S incorporates soothing active ingredients that exert anti-inflammatory action, offering a calming effect. Simultaneously, it addresses the second component by neutralizing neuronal hyperreactivity, further fortifying the skin against external irritants. The third component sees the infusion of moisturizing active ingredients, playing a pivotal role in reconditioning the skin barrier.

Beyond its protective function against external aggressions, the enhanced quality of the cutaneous barrier achieved by Lait Dermo-S allows for the regulation of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and a notable increase in moisture levels within the horny layer. This, in turn, alleviates sensations of discomfort commonly experienced by fragile skin types.

The results are evident as the skin emerges with restored comfort—clean, fresh, and moisturized without a trace of irritation, redness, or tightness. Specifically recommended for fragile Skin Instants©, Lait Dermo-S distinguishes itself through a range of benefits, including the gentle removal of makeup without causing irritation, preservation of epidermal functions, reconditioning of the skin barrier, relief from sensations of discomfort, and a reduction in the perception of tightness.

This Biologique Recherche's Lait Dermo-S makeup remover for delicate or sensitive skin is newly launched in Nov 2023 and available on our Biologique Recherche Singapore online store. Happy shopping with us.

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