For All Body Skin Type, ideal for keratinized Skin

Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps

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Exfoliates the epidermis and rids the skin of dead cells and impurities. This Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps exfoliator stimulates the epidermal functions by optimizing cell renewal.

Note: It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use.

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  • A double exfoliation (mechanical and biological) in one product
  • Removes dead cells and impurities from the skin
  • Tones the epidermis and unifies the complexion
  • Leaves the skin ready to receive the next Biologique Recherche body care products
  • Enhances the epidermis’ natural exfoliation process

  • Provides the double benefits of both biological and mechanical exfoliation
  • Stimulates the epidermal functions by optimizing cellular renewal
  • Improves the quality of the epidermis and unifies the complexion
  • Enhances the effects of the products applied after it


        All over the body. Avoid eye contact and mucous membranes.

        Apply the product to wet skin, concentrating on rough areas (heels, knees, elbows). For thick skin, prefer an application on dry skin. Rinse off under the shower and finish with a burst of cold water. Use once a week.


        • Not suitable for children.
        • Do not use on excoriated or irritated skins
        • Avoid sun exposure after the application of the product
        • Exfoliating agents: Cockleshell, Alpha, Poly Alpha, Beta- Hydroxy Acids

        • Moisturizing and protecting agents: Silk Extract, Cotton Oil, Argan Oil, Reconstituted NMF
        • Toning and stimulating agents: Essential Oil of Cypress, Limon and Royal Jelly Extracts

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