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We love Biologique Recherche (Also known as BR) P50!! Known as “Jesus in a Bottle” and “the Best Beauty Product in the World”. Used and raved by many celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Arissa Cheo and many more. Is this cult-like obsession on this French Brand, Biologique Recherche’s P50 a trend or does it really works?


What is Biologique Recherche P50?

BR P50 is an exfoliating toner to be applied right after cleansing. It helps to moisturise, balance our skin pH value, strengthen our skin protective barrier, even out skin tone, remove black and white heads, and regulate excessive sebum secretion. Originally formulated by Josette and Yvan Allouche and later reformulated by the Founders' son, Dr Phillippe Allouche, who is the current owner and head of creation for Biologique Recherche.  Despite its pungent vinegary smell, everyone who uses it swear by it. Why?Biologique Recherche P50

I decided to give it a try after constant ringing around me on how good this product is. I have been using many different kinds of exfoliator in my life – from exfoliating scrub to exfoliating serum, even one of the highly raved lactic acid in the market.

After using P50 for 1 week, my skin starts to glow! I no longer need to use any clarifying mask and exfoliating scrub which I used 2 to 3 times weekly. I notice that my black and white heads are significantly reduced, pores are less visible, skin becomes smoother and subsequent application of skincare products are able to absorb very well.  I truly see and feel significant positive changes to my skin in the shortest time. Now I truly understand why it is also called “facial in a bottle”. It does really live up to its name!

There are different types of P50 lotion in Biologique Recherche Singapore and in order to help you decide which to use, here’s a summary of its targeted concern.

Biologique Recherche Singapore P50 Lotion

How to apply P50?

Splash about 2 to 3 drops of the lotion onto a cotton pad. Press the cotton pad onto your skin, starting from the neck and moving up the ears. Then press the cotton pad up from the centre of your face, and move to the side. Repeat the same on the other side of your face. Focus around area with wrinkles and more pores.

Biologique Recherche’s products are made with high concentration of active ingredients which are preservative-free, paraben-free, raw and cold pressed. After fallen in love with P50 lotion which makes wonder to my face, i have grown a deeper love for the products. I was eager to see what other products would do. And here it is, my obsession with Biologique Recherche’s skincare.


Biologique Recherche Singapore P50 Lotion

I have been using these products for a few months (Note: Not all at one go, depending on my skin condition for the day / week and I do organise my skincare into day and night usage. It is just my personal preference) and have been maintaining a healthy glow and brighter skin. I have not been visiting facial salon for a while and till date, I have already received many compliments on my skin.

If your skin is looking for a little help, you have to give P50 lotion a try! It is BR most famous and coveted product, is the keystone to Biologique Recherche skin care treatment.

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XL, BareSkin Elements Founder