Have you "Spring Clean" your cosmetic and skincare for Chinese New Year?


Biologique Recherche spring clean cosmetic and skin

My favorite Festive Period is here again. Been busy for the past weeks spring cleaning the house, baking pineapple tarts, stocking up goodies, buying new clothes and changing new notes. In addition, I have also “spring clean” my skincare and “clean” up my face. Have you done yours?

These are what I have done:

1. Exfoliate

We have share with you the benefit of exfoliation in our previous article. Exfoliating our skin helps get rid of dead skin cells, uncovering the potential radiance that is masked underneath. There are two kinds of exfoliants: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliation usually involves the use of micro-fine granules, beads, or other small grains that rub against the top layers of the skin to remove dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, utilizes chemicals to loosen the bonds that hold dead skin cells together.

To prepare for Chinese new year, I have done deep cleansing using Beauty Defeat Repair – Re-action E for an immediate smoothing of the skin.

Re-action E is in a form of powder which needs to mix with water, apply on the moist face, neck or decollete in a circular motion, leave on for at least 5 mins before rinsing off. The enzyme peeling agent causes the gentle keratolysis and smoothing of your skin. Pure bamboo powder and grated argan peels in organic quality provide the second, mechanical peeling effect mild surfactants clean evenly and intensively highly concentrated. Aloe vera provides your skin with moisture Caffeine stimulates the cell metabolism to radiantly beautiful skin after the first application!  

I absolutely love this deep cleansing peeling. It is very mild, do not give me tingling sensation and any discomfort. After cleanse, my skin is clean and smooth !!!

 2. Replace makeup brushes / sponges / other applicators

A close up of a makeup brush.

I am a lover of makeup brushes and sponges. I use them to contour and flush my face with makeup every day. I do diligently wash them once a week to prevent buildup of bacteria which eventually lead to acne breakouts. However, they are not meant to be reuse, thus I replace all my makeup brushes and sponges once every few months. Better be safe than be sorry! No point investing in skincare to improve our skin where basic hygiene is overlooked!

 3. Apply masques

I swear by applying masque at least once a day, you will notice a better complexion such as clearer skin, more refined pores, even skin tone, firmer skin and increase hydration.

I use two different masque every night diligently two weeks prior CNY.

Biologique Recherche Capillaire Masque Vivant and Visolastine+.

I am absolutely a masque addict and that, I do not skip a day without it.

  • Apply 5 mins of Masque vivant, a probiotic masque makes my skin fairer and glow. And, my cheek is abit rosy too which is the main reason why I love masque vivant - Always top in my list.
  • Apply 20 mins of masque visolastine + definitely leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated for a better makeup application and even help my makeup stays on longer. Another reason I love about this masque is that it is soothing. It helps to calm my irritated skin all the time.

4. Throw away expired products

Women has a common issue - We enjoy buying cosmetics and skincare even though we have them and ended piling up and couldn't finish them at all. Note that expired products not only lack potency, but could also cause adverse skin reaction. The general rule is check the expiry date of the products. If the expiry date is not as visible, throw away anything that has significantly changed in color or odor, or separated, clumped, thickened or thinned.

Above are the “Spring clean” activities I have done. How about you?