Introducing Biologique Recherche's first tinted skin care products - Sérums de teint

Our skin is now more exposed to pollution and the consequence of this is epidermis dehydration and reduction of its natural protection and function. The result is immediate: dry skin, dull complexion and irregularities


Biologique recherche teinted serum

Dry Skin:

  • Feelings of discomfort and sometimes tightness
  • Fine dehydration wrinkles in fragile areas (such as the eye contour)
  • Dull complexion that lacks radiance
  • Skin that may appear scaly or rough
  • Skin that has lost its softness, elasticity and flexibility

Albeit exacerbated with age, the telling signs of dehydrated skin can also be observed in young skin. Lack of hydration prevents the cells from filling with water, which prevents young skin from preserving its naturally plump, full and smooth appearance.

Dull Complexion:

A loss of radiance may be a consequence of skin aging due to:

  • The thickening of the horny layer through the accumulation of dead cells which reduces the transparency of the epidermis
  • Thinner epidermis
  • The slowing of keratinocyte activity and renewal
  • Increased and irregular melanocyte density.

Symptoms of a skin disorder include:

  • raised bumps that are red or white.
  • a rash, which might be painful or itchy.
  • scaly or rough skin.
  • peeling skin.
  • dry, cracked skin.
  • discolored patches of skin

     Biologique Recherche has now introduced its first Tinted skin care products !


    Biologique recherche teinted serum

    It took three years of research to create the perfect combination of skincare product performance and ideal makeup product coverage.It targets three major issues related to skin protection:

    • pollution and blue light damage caused by our current lifestyles
    • moisturizing skin to maintain its barrier function at a maximum
    • evening out the complexion for optimum hold and results

    Each product has a precise combination of pigments to create the ideal tint for each skin tone. There are five tints so you can choose the right product based on the season and changes to your tan. It is recommended for all Skin Instants.

    The Sérums de teint are unifying skin care products that provide natural coverage while letting the skin breathe. Their photo-protecting and anti-pollution active ingredients will help create a “shield” at the skin’s surface against urban particulate pollutants and free radicals induced by solar radiation. The skin is durably moisturized and protected against harsh external factors. The complexion is more even, brighter and full of radiance for a guaranteed “healthy glow” effect. Long-lasting moisturizing formula, non-greasy and non-comedogenic.


    • Moisturizes durably the skin
    • Unifies and reduces the appearance of blemishes
    • Protects as a shield against urban particulate pollutants and free radicals induced by solar radiation (UV rays, blue light, infrared radiation)
    • Lets the skin breathe
    • Allows an easy, seamless application (fluid texture)
    • Provides natural coverage
    • Brightens and evens out the complexion
    • Guaranteed “healthy glow” effect
    • Non-greasy, non-comedogenic
    • Silicone-free 



    Clinical study conducted on 22 women aged 40 to 50 with an application of Complexion Serum onto a 16 cm2 area. It assesses the protective effect against the deposit of microparticles modeling atmospheric pollution after a single application, notably on the following aspects: demonstrated anti-pollution effect and protective shield against PM 2.5 fine particles.

    The Complexion serums reduced the skin penetration of pollutants by 23%.



    Clinical study to demonstrate the hydrating action of the Complexion serum. This hydration test was undertaken by an independent testing laboratory with 11 women aged 18 to 65 with dry to very dry skin, after a single application of the product.

    The hydration rate is significant, continuous and long-lasting for up to 6 hours with a non-drying effect up to 8 hours.



    Test under dermatological supervision undertaken with 24 women aged 18 to 40 with combination to oily acne-prone skin, for 28 days with one application per day.

    • 79% of participants feel that the product allows skin to breathe
    • 75% of participants feel that the product offers a shielding sensation
    • 84% of participants feel that the product offers a sensation of comfort
    • 84% of participants feel that the product provides natural coverage
    • 87% of participants feel that the product evens out the complexion
    • 84% of participants feel that the product brightens the complexion
    • 80% of participants consider that their skin is more radiant and even
    • 88% of participants feel that the product doesn’t leave a line after application

    The Sérums de teint perfectly combine skincare product performance and ideal makeup product coverage. Thanks to their long-lasting hydrating action, the epidermis feels comfortable all day long, without any sensations of tightness. Their unifying and protecting active ingredients provide them with incredible photo-protecting and unifying properties. The skin breathes and the complexion is bright and full of radiance, for a guaranteed “healthy glow” effect.

    I am currently using Sérums de teint No 2 and am loving it. It really hydrates and brightens my skin; and even out my skin tone as though I am putting on a makeup foundation. Note that we need not have to be outdoor to enjoy the benefit of this product. The air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. The risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors !

    You should give it a try and I am sure you will love it as much as me !