My love hate relationship with Splenodermine serum !

Biologique Recherche Splenodermine


My love hate relationship with Splenodermine serum and here sharing my review. I dislike the strong pungent awful smell, and i doubt i will eventually love the smell. Other than that, all is well especially when I noticed my skin is tighter and firmer after few weeks of application. BR Splenodermine quintessential serum is an intensive firming and toning bio-serum which helps to accelerate epidermal cell renewal and it is strongly recommended for sagging skin or skin which lack tone.

When I initially applied it, I can feel the simulating effect on my skin almost instantly – My face flushed and experienced a slight formication sensation, but it only lasted less than few mins. After a week of application, the reactive sensation is gone (I suppose my skin is used to it). However, I still wish i can feel the simulating effect all the time so that I know it is doing work on my skin even though i know it always will.

Some other reactions you may experience include, but they will diminish shortly after application. 

  • redness
  • itchiness
  • red patches

Note that Splenodermine serum is not recommended for those who have sensitive or thin skin due to its simulating effect (Can consider Tensil Serum instead).

Alternatively, to reduce the stimulating effect, you may mix Splenodermine with another serum, such as Colostrum or Placenta serum. It is advisable to mix bio-serum with bio-serum together as their molecules are the same.

I personally like to mix Splenodermine and Placenta serum together for effective anti aging remedy. Placenta is chosen because it has powerful healing properties and it is also a serum that can help to freeze my age. I find them more effective working together to address several conditions at once. Don't get me wrong, they are great to use alone (layering method) but mixing them is more powerful.

All in all, despite the awful smell (well, as long as it works), it is still one of my favorite Biologique Recherche serums and my first serum which I have upgraded to 125 ml size.

The price range of Biologique Recherche (BR) Splenodermine serum cost between $65 - $585 sgd depending on the size.

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XL, BareSkin Elements Founder