Skincare Routine for Acne Skin

Recommended products for acne skin:

Note: The recommended products are meant for Acne skin, not meant for sensitive / reactive skin. If you have sensitive / reactive skin, please contact us for advise.

  • Lait VIP02 cleanser (You can use any cleanser, however in this video, we have used Lait VIP02. Lait U is recommended if you have sensitive and reactive skin)
    • Pump about 2 to 3 pump or about 50 cents coin quantity.
    • Massage the cleanser over dry face in circular movement and focus on T-zone.
    • Cleanse one more time if wearing makeup.
  • Lotion P50T
    • Splash and soak a cotton pad with Lotion P50T (For 1st time user, moist the cotton pad with water).
    • Apply the soaked cotton pad on neck and cleavage, pat upward gently. Do not rub.
    • Repeat the same steps for face using a new piece of cotton wool. Apply whole face.
    • Focus more on T-zone and area with blemishes or excess sebum
  • Masque VIP02 & Masque Vivant (Once a week)
    • Squeeze a hazelnut amount of Masque VP02 onto palm. Apply a thin layer around eyes area.
    • Add Another hazelnut amount of masque vivant, add a pinch of baking soda and mix masque VIP02 (above step) together.
    • Apply a thin layer, evening onto whole face, except eyes area.
    • Apply the remaining on the neck.
    • Leave on for 20 mins and rinse off with water.
    • Apply a thin area.
  • Iribiol Serum
    • Use about 4 to 5 drops and apply on affected area, focusing on T-zone, acne and congested area.
  • Extraits Tissulaires Serum
    • Use about 8 drops and apply on whole face and neck until the serum is fully absorbed.
  • Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine (Note: You can use other eye creme as well)
    • Apply a pump of creme over eye contour. Massage until fully absorb. Can apply on lip area too.
  • Creme Dermopurifiante
    • Apply a hazelnut-size of cream onto face and neck. Massage until fully absorb.