Sun Care for Face and Body

A moderate amount of sun exposure encourages the production of vitamin D, which is necessary to bind calcium to our bones, as well as melatonin, which has antidepressant and mood-enhancing properties. The sun, on the other hand, has been shown to be a significant contributor to skin cancer and to skin aging, encouraging the development of darker spots and deeper wrinkles.

In order to more effectively combat the negative effects of UV radiation, Biologique Recherche is providing a three-step regimen of sun therapies for all Skin Instants for face and a sun product for body.


Prior to exposure, Préparation UV stimulates the production of melanin without exposure to the sun, causing the skin to naturally tan. It delays the onset of pigmentation spots and decreases skin aging by combating free radicals.

The Préparation UV treatment primes the skin for the best absorption of sun radiation from the first encounter thanks to its abundance of natural, plant-based active ingredients. By boosting proteasome activity and lowering the rate of protein oxidation, it promotes the skin's natural tan, aids in preventing the emergence of pigmentation spots, and slows skin aging.

Step 2:

The Protection U.V. SPF 25 and SPF 50 are crucial during exposure since they target 100% of the sun's rays, which have a direct impact on skin aging. By conserving the skin's solar capital, they offer a true and universal protection.

PROTECTION U.V. SPF 25 - In order to defend against the entire spectrum of sun radiation that is harmful to human skin, Biologique Recherche has created 100% natural filters that combine mineral and plant-based filters. Triple Shield Complex is the name of this exclusive complex. UV protection SPF 25 aids in shielding the skin from the damaging effects of UVA, UVB, and infrared rays. The formula also contains a lot of anti-aging, calming, anti-dark spot, and moisturizing active components, which prevent the skin from aging and losing moisture.

Protection UV SPF 50 effectively shields skin from the sun's rays with a blend of 100% natural filters. The Triple Shield Complex technology preserves the skin's solar capital while blocking out 100% of the sun's rays (UVA + UVB + visible light + infrared). Its calming and anti-aging active components work together to retain and shield the skin from the impacts of skin aging. All skin types that are highly exposed to UV and infrared radiation are advised to use this product, and it is especially suitable for first-time exposure and lighter skin tones. This therapy has been dermatologist-controlled testing and is water-resistant.

Step 3:

Réparation U.V., a post-exposure necessity, repairs the skin after photoaging damage, minimizes post-UV skin reactivity, and provides immediate calming effects by reestablishing adequate hydration.

As UV rays are frequently accompanied by elements that dry out the epidermis, such as sea water, chlorine, wind, salt, and sand, skin is frequently left exposed to the sun and dehydrated. At the close of the day, the skin also has a propensity to sag and requires nourishment. Free radicals can develop and alter the DNA of dermal cells when the skin is exposed to UVA rays, which account for 95% of the UV radiation that reach the Earth's surface. This damages collagen and elastin fibers in addition to the negative effects on the epidermis. These fibers rigidify and lose their viscoelastic qualities during the glycation process, which results in the development of wrinkles or the deepening of already present ones.

To regenerate the epidermis, calm irritations, repair sun-related damage, and restore epidermal cohesiveness between skin cells and the hydrolipidic coating on the skin, an after-sun product is required. The Réparation U.V.treatment's recipe, which is rich in hydrating, lipid-restoring, and glycation-fighting plant-based active components, soothes and regenerates sun-damaged skin. In addition, it slows skin aging by scavenging free radicals. All Skin Instants that have been heavily exposed to UV and infrared radiation are advised to use this product.

For Body:

Biologique Recherche is drawing from our expertise to expand our sun protection line with a sun product for the body. Protection U.V. Corps SPF 25 was created using the Triple Shield Complex and combines mineral and plant filters to offer defense against the full range of solar radiation that is harmful to the human body. It assists in shielding the epidermis from the damaging effects of UVA, UVB, visible light, and infrared rays. The composition also contains a lot of hydrating and regenerating active substances, which help stop dehydration and aging of the skin. Therefore, in the three-step system proposed by Biologique Recherche, this new product therefore fits into step 2: PROTECT in Biologique Recherche’s 3-step system.

Questions commonly asked:

  • Do I need to follow the three-step regimen?
No, it is not necessary required to follow the three step regimen. Our customers usually just use Step 2 to protect their skin against UVA and UVB rays.
  • When do I use Protection U.V. SPF 25 or Protection U.V. SPF 50?
SPF25 is recommended if:
  • Recently undergone skin laser procedure
  • If time spent indoor is more than outdoor
SPF50 is recommended if:
  • Especially in winter country when infrared light is higher
  • Skin is mature and dry
  • If time spent outdoor is more than indoor

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