Which Biologique Recherche's Serum should I choose?

Which Biologique Recherche's serum should I choose? Serum is always a must-have in my daily skincare regime and today, I am going to share with you my reviews on Biologique Recherche (Also known as BR) Quintessential Serums so that you will know why I love them so much.

Serum is much lighter in weight as compared to cream, gel or lotion. Moreover, due to its smaller molecules and high concentration of active ingredients, serum can penetrate faster, better and deeper into our skin epidermis layer and have a better result.

Biologique Recherche's range of serums is one of the most potent and effective serums I ever used. With the purest formation, their main active ingredients are amino acid and short peptides to target and treat specific skin problem. Each quintessential serum comes in 3 sizes, i.e. 8 ml, 30ml. A 8 ml BR serum will typically last about 2.5 weeks, 30 ml BR serum will last about 2 months. Biologique Recherche price may not be attractive, but if you are serious about making your skin looks better, these products definitely worth every cents.

When I first started with Biologique Recherche, to be honest, I was rather confused with which serum is suitable to address my skin concerns due to its wide range of collection. When I googled online, the reviews for all of their serums are so positive that I had the attainable urge to own all. Lucky for me, I managed to seek assistance from a Biologique Recherche Singapore Trained Skin Consultant and with her advice, I started my BR journey with just three serum, i.e. Serum Amniotique or Serum Amniotique VG (Hydrating), Serum Elastine) and Serum Collagen Natif (Firming).

After a 1 week of application, my pores are less visible in front of my Simple Human magnifying mirror. Fine lines and laugh lines which known to be hard to get rid of are soften too in just 2 days! Skin is left hydrated and toned as well.

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore Before and After Skin Review

I was amazed by how effective these little bottles of serum treat my many years of skin concerns. Note that I am closed to 40 years old with zero aesthetics procedure done on my face and to achieve such a result in such a short time, I have to agree that BR products are definitely worth the price.

If you are like me, having problem identifying which serums to start with, here's some combination of serums that we recommend to target on specific skin concern.

For Sagging Skin

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore Sagging Skin Quintessential Serum | BareSkin Elements

For Youth and Hydration Skin

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore - Youth and Hydrating serum | BareSkin Elements

For Glowing and Brightening Skin

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore Glowing and Brightening Skin Quintessential Serum | BareSkin Elements

For Clogged Pores and Acne Skin

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore Clogged Pores and Acne Skin Quintessential Serum | BareSkin Elements

For Matured, Aging and Wrinkled Skin

Biologique Recherche BR Singapore Mature, Aging and Wrinkles Skin Quintessential Serum | BareSkin Elements

Discover more BR beauty care products available in our Biologique Recherche Online Store.

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EC, BareSkin Elements Founder