Biologique Recherche Huile Dermotonique

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Biologique Recherche (BR) Huile Dermotonique contains rosemary, birch, juniper, cypress essential oils with a base of grapeseed oil to reinvigorate, reduce cellulite and help to improve blood circulation. This essential oil blend will tone your body to perfection. Perfect to be applied before and after your bath for ultimate absorption and effects.

Note: This is not recommended for pregnant women.

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  • This toning oil leaves your skin smoother and firmer

  • A pleasurable experience that will reconcile you with 

    your body
  • This natural concentrated product will delight all your senses
  • Tones the epidermis
  • Helps reduce cellulite
  • Helps improve blood circulation

          Over all the body or to specific areas.

          For easier absorption, apply a few drops of Huile Dermotonique after your shower or bath on skin that is still slightly wet. Only apply the amount of oil the skin can absorb. Vigorously rub the areas requiring treatment and then massage from the feet up the body to activate the blood circulation.

          Twice a week, before your bath, rub yourself with a few drops of Huile Dermotonique. Then soak in a warm bath (30°C maximum). When you get out of the bath repeat the application. This ritual enhances the product’s effects.

          This product combines perfectly with Creme Reparatrice for an intensive firming and smoothing program.

                • Toning agents: Savory, Rosemary, Birch Bark and Juniper Berry Essential Oils

                • Circulation stimulating agents: Cyprus Oils
                • Antioxidant agent: Grape Seed Oil

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