Biologique Recherche Complexe Capillaire - Benefits

The Biologique Recherche Complexe Capillaire serum re-balances the scalp and stimulates and fortifies the hair cuticle, making it the most effective serum for hair growth and an ideal product for oily hair and scalp. Excellent for dandruff-prone hair, this serum for hair growth helps to balance the scalp for healthier looking and stronger hair. When you use this serum, you will eliminate excess sebum while preventing the hair from becoming greasy or oily too quickly. Biologique Recherche Complexe Capillaire is an excellent intense treatment for greasy hair types and provides hair with strength and vitality. This serum for hair growth is also enriched with highly active ingredients of silk and aloe vera extracts, Vitamin PP, and B2. It’s ideal to soothe irritated scalps. You’ll get the best results when paired with Lotion P50 Capillaire.