Seconde Peau - How to use

After cleansing the skin with a Lotion P50 and milk adapted to the Skin Instants (do not use the Lotion P50 on overly irritated skin or in the early stages of healing), moisten the entire face with the Seconde Peau Serum, focusing on the targeted skin areas. Cut the Patchs Seconde Peau to size and arrange them according to the customer's wrinkles and fine lines (please refer to the guidelines of the Seconde Peau care protocol). Take a patch using sterile treezers and apply the smooth side (honeycombed side facing up) onto one of the targeted areas. Moisten the patch applied with the Sérum Seconde Peau, then remove the honeycombed part and continue massaging while adding serum. Repeat the operation for each patch on the other targeted areas. Finally, massage the entire face with the serum until complete absorption of the product.

Best result: Use once a week and continue for 4 session. Our consultant will brief you how to use upon purchase or please contact us for further assistance.