Biologique Recherche Complexe Royal Singapore - BareSkin Elements
Biologique Recherche Complexe Royal Singapore - BareSkin Elements

Biologique Recherche Complexe Royal

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Biologique Recherche Finishing serums are the most complex and concentrated of BR formulas. They are intended to be used during the last stage. They should applied after creams to stabilize the products used during treatments. They also make an excellent base for make-up. Glamorous and sophisticated, these precious extracts promote radiance and give the skin a natural radiance.

With its high concentration of Royal Jelly, Biologique Recherche (BR) Complexe Royal provides intense nutrition which will help regenerate the skin barrier, the skin feels more comfortable day in and day out. These antioxidant active ingredients also trigger genuine protection activity against free radicals. Strengthened, the epidermis isstronger, the complexion more radiant.

It is nourishing, regenerating and protective; and is recommended for alipidic, devitalised and lacking radiance skin instants.

Recommended for Alipidic and lacking radiance skin instant

Note: It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use. Not recommended for Vegan customer.

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  • Protects the epidermis from free radicals
  • Protects against cutaneous aging
  • Moisturizes the upper layers of the skin
  • Revitalizes the epidermis
  • Improves the brightness and radiance of the complexion
      • Apply 3 drops to a cleaned skin over the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and/or evening.
      • Perform light ascending massage until the product has completely been absorbed.
      • Regenerating platform: Royal Jelly, Silk Extract, Cucumber Extract
      • Antioxidant platform: Witch Hazel and St. John’s Wort extracts

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