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Biologique Recherche Cryo-Sticks

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A unique cooling experience, Biologique Recherche Cryo-sticks are accessories that store thermal energy to incomparably cool the skin. Thanks to cold, Cryo-sticks lower the skin’s temperature and reduce sensations of overheating for an immediate soothing effect. Their ergonomic shape means you can easily work on all areas of the face, including the smallest zones such as the eye contour.

The local application of cold through Cryo-Sticks lowers the skin’s temperature immediately, therefore limiting vasodilatation and promoting vasoconstriction. Dermal blood circulation is regulated and redness disappears.

In addition to its soothing properties, cold has a draining, decongestant and firming effect. The cold sensation is picked up by receptors in the skin, causing a “goose bump” phenomenon, which stimulates nerve cells in the skin and has a tightening effect on the epidermis. 

  • Lowers skin temperature
  • Stimulates vasoconstriction
  • Reduces skin temperature
  • Decongesting and soothing action
  • Stimulates arrector pili muscles for a tightening effect
Can use without or with Skincare products (serum / creme) on.
        • After applying Lotion P50, a Booster or a Mask, if a client's skin reacts excessively, Cryo-Sticks should be used for a soothing treatment of 5 minutes.
        • Follow the different steps of the treatment protocol.
        • Clean the Cryo Sticks with a disinfectant wipe or cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Put them back in their case in the refrigerator until they are used again.
              • Have a high capacity and thermal conductivity.


                Store a maximum of cold, then diffuse it on contact with the skin throughout the treatment.
              • Lower skin temperature and promote vasoconstriction

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