A plumping and renovating booster you shouldn't miss out in your anti-aging regimen

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Exfoliation is a natural phenomenon during which the epidermis gets rid of its dead cells. Sometimes however, especially with age, the natural epidermal renewal process slows down. This is why advocating skin exfoliation is a widespread technique in dermatology and cosmetics.

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Lotion MC110 N°1 is plumping and renovating booster for the face. Adjusted according to the type of skin, it helps exfoliate and purify the epidermis, in perfect harmony with the Skin Instant. Exfoliation helps boost the radiance and luminosity of the complexion, while their anti-aging action combats the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine lines, thereby erasing the signs of aging.

Active ingredients in Lotion MC110 N°1 

Exfoliating platform

  • AHA (Lactic Acid)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a category of acids derived from fruit sugar, or milk in the case of lactic acid. They contribute to stimulating the desquamation process of the corneocytes found on the surface of the stratum corneum. In relatively low concentrations, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are recognized for having moisturizing effects on the skin as they stimulate the production of amino acids during the corneocyte desquamation phase, enabling cell renewal. In higher concentrations, they have keratolytic effects and help exfoliate and smoothe the skin.

  • Cider Vinegar

This extract is obtained from the fermentation of apples which are then transformed into vinegar. Its high tannin content gives it purifying and astringent properties. Cider Vinegar is rich in fruit acids (citric and malic acid) which contribute to improving cell renewal and provide a regenerative effect. Cider Vinegar Extract is commonly used in hair care products as a cleansing, protective and reconditioning agent.

Plumping platform

  • Sponge (Extract)

This extract comes in powder form and is composed of a mixture of fibers (small "needles"). These "needles" have a peeling effect when in contact with the epidermis: they cause slight inflammation which results in the renewal of the horny layer. During this renewal, the production of collagen is stimulated and the production of sebum is controlled. This extract is therefore used to treat acne, acne scars and fine lines.

  • Burdock (Extract)

Burdock is a plant whose leaves and roots are used for their medicinal properties. Rich in polysaccharides, Burdock Extract is known for its moisturizing, repairing and soothing properties. It is an ideal active ingredient for combination skin: purifying and sebo-regulating, Burdock Extract helps moisturize dehydrated areas while purifying greasy areas.

Renovating platform

  • Vitamin B3 (or PP)

Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 or PP is a water soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B group. It is known for its antioxidant properties which enhance the radiance of the complexion and delay cutaneous aging.

  • Walnut (Extract)

Walnut Extract provides protection against the damage caused by time and the environment. This active ingredient helps reinforce the body's natural antioxidant functions, stimulate the growth of keratinocytes and limit the activity of elastase, the enzyme responsible for degrading elastin. Walnut Extract is used in cosmetology for its anti-wrinkle, protective and firming properties.

Test Result
The instrumental anti-aging test showed that, between the 1st and 28th day of the test, the number, size and surface area of fine lines and wrinkles significantly decreased (by 24% on average).

  • 100% of woman said that the product eliminates the dead cells
  • 100% of woman said that the product does not dries the skin out
  • 100% of woman said the wrinkles are reduced
  • 100% of woman said that the skin is tonified
  • 100% of woman said that the skin is plumped
  • 100% of woman said that the skin looks younger
  • 100% of woman said that the skin is purified
  • 100% of woman said that the face is less marked
  • 100% of the woman said that the face seems relaxed
  • 100% of the woman said that the complexion is unified


  • Exfoliates and purifies the skin
  • Plumps and redefines the facial contour
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Unifies and brightens the complexion

If you are bother about appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dull and grayish complexion, complexion lacking in luminosity, skin lacking suppleness and firmness,this is one anti-aging product you should consider.