Whitening range for brighter and smoother skin

Biologique Recherche (BR) has many products and it is not easy to choose what you want. If you want your skin to brighten up, a gentle peel to renew your skin, skin texture to be smoother and softer, pigmentation and scars to be lighten, we are here to recommend some amazing key products which will be helpful to you.
P50 PIGM 400 Lotion
Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400 Lotion | BareSkin Elements
The key to a brighter and glowing skin is essentially focus on getting rid of any blemishes, acne scars, uneven patches of pigmentation that stands in the way of radiance. In this case, we recommend P50 PIGM 400 Lotion which is one of our best seller lotion in our online singapore store. It is the newest version of the p50 line and it controls the pigmentation process, stimulate exfoliation and brighten dull skin.
Result after two weeks of using P50 PIGM 400 Lotion. Our customer has feedback that her pigmentation is lighter and skin is brighter. She is extremely pleased with the pores reduction results
Result after two weeks of using P50 PIGM 400 Lotion. Our customer has feedback that her pigmentation is lighter and skin is brighter. She is extremely pleased with the pores reduction results
P50 PIGM 400 Lotion Before and After
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Amniotique / Colostrum Quintessential Serum
Biologique Recherche Tissulaires Serum and Amniotique Serum | BareSkin Elements
A good intensive hydrating serum is necessary to go with a range of whitening products. We have picked Amniotique or Colostrum serum because they have higher level of hydration. What is the difference?
Serum Amniotique is made of plant ingredients. It provides mid level hydration, not as rich as Colostrum serum and is ideal for skin which is dehydrated stressed and devitalised. This quenching serum intensely hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis, intensifies cell multiplication and soothes the skin.
Serum Colostrum is made of bio and it contains Milk proteins. It provides intense hydration and ideal for super dry and deep pigments. This highly active quenching serum intensely hydrates the top layers of the epidermis and increases skin elastricity, pumps up skin moisture cushion and improves skin's natural defenses.
Serum Pigm 400
Biologique Recherche Serum PIGM 400 | BareSkin Elements
 Serum PIGM 400, a whitening and brightening serum is specially formulated with six concentrated active ingredients to prevent dark spots from appearing and reduce the appearance of existing dark spots. All you need is just one plump to apply over the entire face. It takes at least 28 days to see the effect. 
Creme PIGM400 and Aux Acides De Fruits Creme
Biologique Recherche Creme PIGM400 and Aux Acides De Fruits Creme | BareSkin Elements
PIGM400 creme has a concentrate of active ingredients that lighten and protect the skin while preventing pigment spots, respects the epidermis, reduces pigment imperfections and stops the appearance of new spots. After application, it gives skin an instant brightening effect. It can be used day and night and on combination skin.
Creme Aux Acides De Fruits on other hand is a cell renewing cream as it contains with theAHA and NMF which enhances the regenerating, moisturizing, revitalizing effect on the epidermis. You may experience slight exfoliating for short period which eventually smoothen and refine your skin texture. Because skin will experience gentle peeling, plus it is photo sensitive, it is strongly advisable not to expose your skin to the sun, to be applied at night. Can always mix with pigm400 cream if dryness is experience. Note that this is an acide cream, thus it is not advisable to continue a second bottle right away. Do rest your skin changing to a different creme else your skin result will be stagnated.
Fluid VIP 02 Finishing Serum
Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP 02 Finishing Serum | BareSkin Elements
The favorite finishing serum for most of our customers. Biologique Recherche’s Fluide VIP O2 is formulated with Biologique Recherche’s patented oxygenating complex. This instant booster protect your skin from pollutants, reduces signs of fatigue, clarifies complexion making it radiant glow and fresh. Fluid VIP 02 is good to be used on a daily basis, to mix with cream or apply after cream (max 2 drops is sufficient). It is suitable for all skin type and the only finishing serum that can be used by the most sensitive skin type.
Hope our above recommendation helps.
From XL, Founder of BareSkin Elements