Quick and effective Spa-like facial at home

BIOLOGIQUE Recherche facial


Some of us do love to get facial at least once a month. It is the time where we get to enjoy the cleanse, masque and massage. If you are committed to healthy and glowing skin, you can always recreate the same experience at home.

Here’s how some quick and effective spa like facial at home:


Start by removing dirt or makeup and giving your skin a good cleanse. You can either use Lait U, VIP02 or Lait E.V cleanser depending on your skin instant. They are all cream based cleanser, extremely nice for massage.

  • You can start with dry skin.
  • Start at the chin and work upward in small, circular motions.
  • Keep it gentle. Use two fingers to massage in the cleanser. Some pressure is fine but avoid tugging and pulling.
  • Avoid using hot or cold water while washing your face–warm is just right.
  • Then pat skin dry.
  • You can repeat the cleansing twice if you have make-up earlier. This is to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed.


Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and leave your skin soft and smooth. Not does it help to even your skin tone, it also allows our skincare products to penetrate better.

There are 5 different type of P50 Lotions. Use the following lotion based on your skin instant:

  • Lotion p50W – Thin and/or Sensitive Skin Instant
  • Lotion P50 PIGM400 - Pigmented and Dull Skin Instant
  • Lotion P50 – Prone to Seborrhea and/or Keratinized Skin Instant
  • Lotion P50V – Devitalized and/or lacking tone Skin Instant

Use Method

  • Soak two cotton pads in the lotion
  • Focus on areas with blemishes or sebum excess
  • 1 key movement: patting, always from bottom to top

Special instruction for new BR customer:

  • If you are new to BR lotion, start by dampening a cotton pad with a bit of water. The water will dilute the acid until you become accustomed to it.
  • For the first week, you use lotion at night. use cotton wool damp with water, add 4-5 drops of lotion onto it. Use pressed-in method to apply over face. Do not use rub method.
  • Second week use day and night. Use cotton wool damp with water.
  • From 3rd week, try on cotton wool with lotion day and night. *Do not need to damp with water anymore.


A facial wouldn't feel right without some kind of face mask - Is the time to soak up the nourishing mask ingredients. There are a couple of face masque to pick that meets your skin instant (type and needs at the moment).

Masque Type

Skin Instants


Masque Visolastine

For dehydrated skin instants

·         Moisturizes, Replenishes, Protects, Long lasting hydration

Masque VIP02

For stressed, devitalized and dull skin instants

·         Detoxifies, anti-pollution and anti-oxidant, revitalizing mask that brightens complexion

Masque PIGM400

For Pigmented and dull skin instants

·         Reduces problems with irregularities and pigmentation marks, boosts complexion radiance, lyocell medium

Masque Vivant

For Seborrheic and/or acne prone skin instants

·         Purifying and eliminates skin blemishes

Masque Bain De Plants

For Seborrheic and Hyperseborrheic Skin and Scalp instants

·         Instant sebum regulation, tightens pores, for face, body and hair

BioMagic Mask

For Lifeless Skin instants with dilated pores and/or sagging seborrheic skin

·         Instant mattifying treatment, purifies, lifts and tones

Masque Crème Biofixine

For sign of aging Skin instants

·         Cream Mask treatment, Anti-wrinkles, replenishing and anti-oxidant

Patch Defatigants

Patch targeted to eye contour

·         Natural biocellulose fibers (fermented coconut water), tweezer shape for optimal application, reduce puffiness, dark circles and smooth dehydration wrinkles and fine lines while providing sensation of freshness.


Serum AND Creme

After masking, come the treatment stage. Hope you have been applying your products all in the right sequence. If you do not remember, you can always refer to our Routine guide - https://www.shop-bareskinelements.com.sg/pages/biologique-recherche-usage-overview.

The right sequence will be:

Step 1: Cleanser

Step 2: Lotion

Step 3: Masque

Step 4: Quintessential Serum / Targeted Serum

Step 5: Face Crème

Step 6: Finishing Serum

Any exceptional case is usually highlighted on our individual product page.

Some Facial Accessory to Aid

Biologique Recherche does have great awesome facial accessory which help to maximize the delivery of ingredients into your skin. You can consider incorporating the below two accessory to complement your skincare routine:

  1. Grant de Massage Visage is a face mini glove. It is double-sided, with one side covered in soft spikes for massaging and the other in hard spikes for exfoliating. You can massage the whole face with this handy glove which can be used with Biologique Recherche’s various skin care products.
Face Cleansing Method
Apply the cleanser on the face and massage gently with the hard side of the glove. The dead cells are removed, the circulation is stimulated and your face is beautifully cleaned.
Treatment Massage Method
Apply your face mask or your face care cream and massage gently with the soft side of the glove. The effect of the active ingredients is amplified and the expected result intensified.
  1. Cryo-Sticks

Biologique Recherche Cryo Sticks are crafted from surgical stainless steel, and soothe skin by regulating blood circulation when used against the face or other parts of the body. You can use with Skincare products (serum / creme) on. 

  • Place cryo-sticks in fridge at least one hour before use
  • Work from the clavicle to the forehead simultaneously
  • Two key movements pumping, pressing
  • Suitable for all skin type especially sensitive and/or reactive skin instants

Hope the above quick and fast tips enable you to enjoy your home facial.

Enjoy :-)