Remedies for Oily Hair


Goodbye bad hair days biologique Recherche

Our hair is always constantly being attack from factors such as water, sun, cold, hairbrushes, products used or stress. Its external shell, the cuticle, is therefore damaged sometimes. These attacks can also alter the functioning of the hair follicle located under the surface of the scalp, resulting in numerous imbalances.

Hair and scalps imbalances are caused by a number of factors which suddenly or gradually influence and modify their intrinsic characteristics. The causes of these imbalances can be classified into five categories.

  • Physiological Cause (Hormones, Tiredness, Overwork, Stress)
  • Chemical Cause (Washing too frequently, Aggressive shampoo, Saltware or chlorinated water, Chemical products)
  • Mechanical Cause (Excessive brushing, Hair dryer, Too much hair brush)
  • Dietary Cause (Unbalanced diet, Food rich in lipids, Nutritional deficiencies)
  • External Cause (Climate, Environment)

Oily hair is an "imbalance". Oily hair is flat, sticky, shiny and difficult to style. This is due to excessive sebum secretion, a phenomenon known as seborrhea, which can be caused by the following:

  • Dysfunction of sebaceous gland
  • Poor Diet: excessive consumption of lipids
  • Excessive combing
  • Stress and overwork
  • Frequent use of irritating shampoos

Below is a list of Biologique Recherche solutions to combat oily hair

  • Lotion P50 Capillaire: multipurpose lotion which gently purifies, hydrates and helps regulate the scalp's sebaceous secretions.
  • Masque Bain de Plants: mask which gently purifies and helps reduce the level of sebum in the epidermis and the scalp.
  • Shampooing Traitant Sebo-Reequilibrant: shampoo with a dual sebum regulating and cleansing benefit.
  • Complexe Capillaire: treatment serum to combat oily hair.
  • Baume Capillaire (optional for damaged, lifeless and dull hair instants): hair care which reinforces and protects hair rendered vulnerable by external attack. It repairs cuticle scales and provides hair with vitality and shine.
  • Lotion Keractive (optional for dry and fragile hair instants) lotion enveloping and protecting the hair against external attack all day long. 

Hope this article helps. Happy Shopping !