Patchs Defatigants

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Patchs Défatigants prevent and reduce signs of fatigue and aging around the eye area. Their innovative biocellulose structure, their pincerform and the selected active ingredients constitute a global treatment suitable for the thinness of the eye contour.Immediately, pufinesses are reduced, skin is smoothed out, wrinkles and dehydration lines are less visible for a rested look.

Recommended for With under-eye puffiness


  • It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use.

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  • Immediately reduce signs of fatigue of the eye area
  • Reduce puffiness and dark circles
  • Smooth and lift wrinkles and dehydration lines
  • Improve firmness and tone in the eye contour area
  • Provide a sensation of freshness
      1. Split the pouch in two. Each patch is packed between a bluish non-woven fabric and a white nylon fabric. Remove the bluish non-woven fabric and separate the patch from the nylon fabric.
      2. Place the patch on the eye contour area with the widest part on the bottom of the eye and the narrowest part on the top.
      3. Leave on for 15 minutes, remove the patches and massaging using circular movements until the excess serum is absorbed.
      • Anti-puffiness platform: Cafeine, Anti-puffiness dipeptide
      • Anti-wrinkles platform: Mimosia Albizia and St. Paul’s Wort Complex, CassavaExtract,Polysaccharides rich in fucose
      • Anti-dark circles platform: Complex of Matrikines and Flavonoid
      • Anti-dehydration lines platform: Hyaluronic Acid

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