AlphaScience Surface CR - Key Ingredients

Combines the most powerful natural ingredients in an optimal high performance formula for:

  1. LONG TERM LIFT EFFECT: on wrinkles and firmness thanks to the combination of pure genistein and L-glutamine, an ALPHASCIENCE exclusivity.
  2. IMMEDIATE EFFECT: smooths expression lines 2 hours after treatement with the BOTOX-like patended tripeptide
  • 2% L-Glutamine : ALPHASCIENCE EXCLUSIVITY. We vectorized this amino-acid which is a powerful collagen booster and anti-glycation protector for a long-lasting effect on wrinkles and skin density.
  • 1% Genistein: increases collagen synthesis and reduces its degradation, by an inhibiting action on metalloproteases (MP1, MP3) to reduce skin sagging.
  • 2% The patented tripeptide smoothes the skin by relaxing the muscles that mark the expression lines for a BOTOX-like effect.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: fills the wrinkles and optimizes the natural moisture of the skin.

    L-GLUTAMINE «Internalfountain of youth»

    • Key proteine for collagene synthesis
    • Direct stimulation and precursor proline et hydroxyproline
    • Excellent availability
    • Used in medicine to repair skin damaged tissues.


    Properties Stabilized at 2% by ALPHASCIENCE

    • Increases nucleotide synthesis
    • Increases protein turn over in muscles by stimulation of proteasomes
    • Anti glycation effect by stimulation of glycogenesis
    • Direct effect on healing and inflammation