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AlphaScience Tannic CF Serum and Surface CR

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Suitable all skin type

AlphaScience Tannic [CF] Serum is a combination of stabilized Vitamine C in high concentration with powerful repair antioxidants (tannic acid, ferulic acid) to neutralize environmental stress (UV, pollutants) for a smoother, more radiant and firmer skin. 

AlphaScience  Surface [CR] combines the most powerful natural ingredients in an optimal high performance formula for:  

1 IMMEDIATE AGE KILLING EFFECT: smooths small expression lines in 2 hours after treatement with the "botox"-like patended tripeptide.

2 LONG TERM LIFT EFFECT: on wrinkles and firmness with the combination of pure genistein, hyaluronic acid and the L-glutamine, an Alphascience exclusive ingredient. 

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