For All Skin, including most sensitive

Biologique Recherche Eau Micellaire BioSensible

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  • With its high-tolerance formula,  Biologique Recherche (BR) Eau Micellaire BioSensible gently captures the impurities and traces of make-up. Light and soothing, it respects the physiological balance of sensitive skin, leaving the skin comfortable with no greasy residue.

It is ideal for hypersensitive, reactive and sun-damaged skin e.g. Eczema, rosacea or cancer patient. It is also ideal for flight travellers as it does not require water to remove.


  • It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use.

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  • Instantly captures impurities and traces of make-up
  • Sootheirritated epidermis
  • Respects the physiological balance and hydrolipidic film of sensitive skin
  • Provides comfort and softness
  • Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis
  • Tones the epidermis
      1. Apply to face, neck and décolleté.
      2. Dry with a paper tissue.
      • Make-up removing platform: CleansingBio-Polysaccharide
      • Soothing platform: Rhamnose, soothing Hexapeptide
      • Moisturizing platform: Complex made from Hyaluronic Acid et de Rhizobium, Moisturizing molecular film
      • Toning platform: Mint and Grapefruit essential oil

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