For Pigmented, Dull Skin

Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400 Lotion (pH 4.0) | Anti Pigmentation Lotion

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We love the Biologique Recherche (BR) P50, also known as “Jesus in a Bottle,” a product that is used and raved by many celebrities around the world.

Biologique Recherche Lotions P50 are an essential step in your skincare routine. These products boost the natural exfoliation process of the epidermis and help rebuild the epidermis shield. Five different Lotions P50 are available in Singapore, namely the original Lotion P50, Lotion P50T, Lotion P50W, Lotion P50V and Lotion P50 PIGM400. Each one provides the same core benefits, but their formulations change slightly to suit each and every skin type.

What is Lotion P50 PIGM 400?

The Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is the latest formulation enriched with both the exfoliating active ingredients of the Lotion P50 and the brightening agents and antioxidants of the PIGM400 range. Thanks to a combination of flavonoids and wasabi extracts, this version of the Lotion P50 also helps regulate melanin synthesis while also protecting the skin from pigmentation. This product helps in bringing back your luminous and radiant skin while giving you an even and lightened complexion. This anti-pigmentation lotion makes your skin glow, similar to the Biologique Recherche P50 1970. The Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400 Lotion is ideal for Skin Instants® with dull complexions and hyperpigmented marks.

It is recommended for pigmented and dull skin complexions.


  • It is safe for pregnant women in the normal way of use.

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    Here are some benefits of this anti pigmentation lotion for your skin:

    • Removes dead cells and impurities on a daily basis
    • Enhances epidermal renewal
    • Lightens the skin, reduces the size of pigmentation marks and prevents them from appearing
    • Inhibits melanin synthesis
    • Improves the strength and quality of the epidermis
    • Unifies and brightens the complexion
    • Balances pH on the skin’s surface 

    Carefully remove makeup from the face and neck with the fluid suitable to your Skin Instants.

    If you're new to Biologique Recherche lotion, saturate moistened cotton pads with Lotion P50 PIGM 400 (moist cotton pad with water and add a few drops of lotion) and apply to the face, neck, and cleavage. The water will dilute the acid until you become accustomed to it.

    Step 1. First week - Use the lotion only at night. Moist the cotton pad with water and add 3-4 drops of lotion onto it. Use press application technique to apply over face.

    Step 2. Second week - Follow the above step 1 instructions. Use the lotion both day and night.

    Step 3. From Third week onwards - Try on dry cotton pad with lotion both day and night. *Do not need to moist cotton pad with water anymore.

    Recommendation: Biologique Recherche also has a Creme PIGM 400 that can supplement your Lotion P50 PIGM400 to combat skin pigmentation. Our Creme PIGM 400 is a formula that can also be applied both in the morning to protect your skin from the sun and at night to add your night-time skincare routine.

    Warning: If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with tap water. A slight stinging sensation may be felt. This is normal and proves that the Lotion P50 PIGM 400’s is in action as it starts to rebalance the epidermis. This stinging sensation will decrease with use and as the skin’s pH becomes balanced. If the stinging is too uncomfortable, you can rinse the Lotion P50 PIGM 400 by spraying a little Eauxygenante on the face or by simply rinsing with a natural water mister.

    Precautions for use 

    • Biologique Recherche LOTION P50 is for external treatment only.
    • Do not use LOTIONS P50 on scratched or irritated skin or on open wounds or burns.
    • Never use LOTIONS P50 during vitamin A acid or alpha hydroxy acid-containing treatments (glycolic acids or others).
    • Following facial surgery, do not use LOTIONS P50 for at least one month. Ask your specialised physician for advice before reusing it.
    • Do not use LOTIONS P50 immediately after a peel or a medical laser treatment. Ask your specialised physician for advice before reusing it.
    • Do not use on children, on scratched or irritated skin or during retinoic acid treatment. Avoid contact with the eyes and eye contour. Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after product application.
        • Exfoliating platform: AHA, BHA, PHA, Cider Vinegar, Finger Lime Extract, Phytic Acid
        • Purifying platform: Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Meadowsweet Extract
        • Anti-pigmentation platform: Dulse Extract, complex based on Peach tree leafs, Apple and Raspberries extracts

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