Want to fade pigmented spots? This is the serum you should own

We have posted a few articles relating to treating pigmentation previously as below. 

Here in this post, we are excited to share with you our experience in using Serum PIGM 400 and what result we see.

Our Serum PIGM 400 is a lightening treatment which contains a concentrate of 6 lightening and protective active ingredients. This serum has a milky, light weight texture that works gently on the epidermis. Its formula is boosted with lightening agents twice as concentrated as those in Creme PIGM 400. It provides a super effective response to inhibited melanin synthesis and if when used combination with Creme PIGM 400, it will visibly lighten pigmented spots and brighten complexion. 

Serum PIGM 400 | Biologique Recherche Singapore Bareskin Elements

Our colleague, Erinna has diligently used Pigm 400 serum for 4 months. Her skincare routine includes:

  • Lotion PIGM 400 - An exfoliating lotion that gently purifies, brightens and fades out the appearance of pigmentation spots.
  • Lait EV cleanser - A perfect milk face wash, with added vitamins, for dehydrated, dull and/or mature skin
  • Elastine Serum - A true anti-wrinkle product that stimulates synthesis of elastin, the protein responsible for skin tissue.
  • ISO-Placenta Serum - An anti-acne trace corrective care product that reduces existing blemishes while improves skin restoration to smooth the cutaneous microrelief. 
  • Amniotique VG serum - An moisturising serum with an incomparable source of moisture which helps maintain the skin's water level at the maximum.
  • Creme masque vernix - Helps recondition the epidermis. Rich in lipids, proteins and antioxidant, it revitalizes, regenerates and protects the skin.
  • Yall02 serum - A finishing serum that stimulates the fullness of skin and lips, combating the effects of dehydration and aging, while reducing the size and depth of lines and wrinkles.

Prior using PIGM 400 serum, Erinna used her skin analysis device to read her skin condition which involves pigmentation test. Below is the "before" application (21.4%) and "after" application (18%) skin analysis result ! There is a significant drop in pigmentation level by 3.4% after 4 months of using Serum PIGM400. Holy grail ! This serum has proven to prevent and reduce dark spots. 

Erinna also notices that her skin is more radiant and fairer, complexion is brighter and more even and the appearance of existing pigmented spots is softened.

The result is indeed amazing and we can't help not to share with you our experiment so to help you shortlist on your shopping choice. Hope you have enjoyed this article.

PIGM 400 Skin Analysis Before | Biologique Recherche Singapore Bareskin Elements
PIGM 400 Skin Analysis After | Biologique Recherche Singapore Bareskin Elements
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